20 Scary Nostradamus Predictions We Hope Won’t Come True

The well-known and quite feared seer, Michel de Nostredame (also known as Nostradamus) is known for his shocking and accurate prophecies, many of which have come true. He’s known to predict the defeat of Napoleon, the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, the 9/11 terrorist attack, as well as the rise of Hitler, centuries before they happened.

However, all his predictions have not yet seen the light of the day, with some predictions for the future being recently decoded. Here is a selection of the top 20 Nostradamus predictions that we hope do not come true.

1) Unusual weather patterns across the globe


Rings a bell? Snow can be seen during spring time in many parts of the world while the summers are scorching hot in other parts. Though there hasn’t been a complete shift in weather patterns, the signs of this prediction coming true cannot be negated. Nostradamus wrote, ‘Water shall be seen to rise as the ground is seen to fall underneath’. Global warming, anyone?

2) The Middle East on fire


According to his predictions for 2016, the oil and petrol in the Gulf countries will be set on fire. Political action is surely heating up in the Middle East for the Presidential Elections of 2016. We’ll have to wait and watch out for this one.

3) Obama will be the last President of the United States


While Nostradamus’ prediction for President Obama came true in the 2013 elections, this prediction seems to be a tricky one. Nostradamus had predicted that Mr. Obama will be the last President of the United States. Does that mean the US will no longer be the superpower?

4) World War III


Nostradamus has predicted a third world war between two major world powers. A war that will supposedly last for 27 years! This great violence will coincide with the appearance of a particular comet in the sky and the entire human race will be wiped out by the nuclear wars. Well, that’s scary!

5) The largest earthquake


The United States will be struck by the largest earthquake in history. The western parts will suffer the most and its tremors will be felt in other countries as well.

6) UV rays will cause destruction to the earth


With the ozone layer depleting and by blatant misuse of the earth’s resources, the harmful UV rays of the sun will cause problems to all the living beings on earth.

7) The poles will melt


The global warming scientists have already been warning about the melting North Pole. However, the South Pole still seems frigid cold. Could there still be some hope?

8) Language barriers will be shattered


With the invention of a new machine that can interpret all the languages in the world, language barriers will cease to exist. People across the globe will begin to communicate more openly but it means many different cultures will come to an end!

9) Antichrist will conquer Europe


This is one of the most prominent predictions of Nostradamus. The Antichrist will rise to the level of the world leader and be worse than Hitler. As per the predictions, he is currently growing up in the Middle East and will take over entire Europe in the coming years.

10) End of the world


This has been predicted by many prophets, sects and religions. Nostradamus has predicted that the world will undergo great floods after which total destruction will take place when a comet storm reaches the Earth.

11) Huge explosions in the Middle East


This prediction is most likely to come true, give the condition of the Middle Eastern countries in the past four years.

12) Humans will live over 200 years


According Nostradamus, with the remarkable advancement in modern medicine and technology, the average lifespan of human beings will be increased to more than 200 years!

13) Homosexuality will increase


As the years pass, homosexuality will greatly increase to as much as four times of what it is now.

14) Modern medicine shall no longer exist


Ancient Chinese medicine will see a revival and man will totally stop using currently well-known forms of medicine such as allopathy and homoeopathy.

15) Communication with animals will be possible

Miniature dachshund and woman

In the distant future, man will develop ways to communicate with animals. Hopefully, this will greatly reduce animal abuse, violence and also spark a new wave of vegetarianism.

16) Radiation will burn the planet


Nostradamus wrote, “Kings steal forests, the sky will open, the fields will be burned by heat.” This prediction indicates to the depleting ozone layer and the destruction of forests which is making the planet hotter by the day.

17) 2436 – The doomsday


On October 1, 2436, the world will come to a standstill, thereby totally annihilating everything on it. This would be caused by factors both within the earth as well as external factors in the solar system.

18) The pope will be assassinated

Pope Benedict XVI delivers his blessing during a Vespers Mass in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009. (AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito)

A newly elected young pope would be assassinated in a heinous manner, causing widespread turmoil in the world. This would cause a shuffling up of all the world’s religions.

19) Public nudity will be prevalent


Personal fitness will greatly increase and people will begin to become more confident with their bodies. This would lead to discarding their clothes and being nude in public will become the norm.

20) The move to other planets


The move to other planets is inevitable, foresees Nostradamus. With conditions on earth deteriorating and aided by modern technology, man will find ways to continue life on other planets in the galaxy. No matter how appealing space travel sounds, we still want to live here on Earth!

What do you make of these predictions? Do you think any one of these would come true? Let us know in the comments below.

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