How Veerappan was Finally Trapped & 20 Other Astounding Facts About the Infamous Forest Dacoit!

30-year reign of terror in India’s jungles

At one time, his name was enough to stir fear in the minds of politicians and civillians. This notorious Indian brigand and dacoit, Koose Muniswamy Veerappan, ruled the forests of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala for nearly 30 years! Though there have been plenty of notorious bandits in India, Veerappan was one of a kind. He smuggled sandalwood, poached animals and killed numerous people during his 30 years of reign over the jungles.

Veerappan was a ruthless criminal and a dangerous man. But you know that already. The governments of all the three states had a hard time finding him and conducted many failed operations to capture him.

Finally, on October 18, 2004, Veerappan was shot dead by the Special Task Force of Tamil Nadu during Operation Cocoon.

According to the new book from Vijay Kumar ‘Veerappan: Chasing the Brigand’ it was information provided by an influential businessman who had links with Sri-Lanka based Tamil radicals that finally put Veerappan to rest forever.

As reported by TOI, an STF informer who acted as a messenger between Veerappan is said to have spilled the beans on the businessman’s name. The aging Veerappan was having problems with sight and wanted to procure some guns through this contact. However as soon as the contact was made, STF stormed the businessman’s house and threatned him that if information about the whereabouts of the dacoit was not shared, he would be exposed for links with Tamil extremists. STF offered him an amnesty plan, and the businessman accepted it.

TOI report also says that STF got the businessman to meet a Veerappan aide at a tea shop and the aide had given half of a torn lottery ticket to the businessman saying it was “Anna’s travel ticket.” Little did he know that the ticket would be the end of the road for the bandit who ruled the forests for over 3 decades.

More details on the encounter operation is expected to be revealed in the book. In the meantime, here are 20 other astounding facts about the forest bandit you probably never knew.

1) Began his “career” as an assistant to Selvi Gounder, another notorious poacher


Gounder was Veerappan’s relative, and he began his career in crime by assisting him in poaching animals, smuggling ivory and sandalwood.

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