25 Ways to Summon Ghosts & Talk to the Dead

The supernatural has always intrigued us. “What happens after death?” is a question whose answer no one really has for obvious reasons. Do spirits really exist? Are ghosts real? Is there anything like “afterlife”? As humans, we just can seem to be able to get real answers.

From time unknown, people have tried to connect with the spirit world — the world of the dead. For some, spirits do exist. For others, though, it’s all fake. There is only one way to find out the truth and that is by communicating with the dead itself! These are 25 ways people who claim to have contacted ghosts used,

P.S.: We can’t guarantee any results and it wouldn’t be wrong to say, “Try them at your own risk!”

1) The planchette


Using the planchette is an age old practice of speaking to the dead. The planchette summons ghosts and it is believed that the mysterious written messages on the board are actually spirits conversing with us.

2) Conjuring demons by using pentagrams


Pentagrams are basically pagan symbols with a 5-pointed star surrounded by a circle. Usually, the diameter of the circle is nine feet. Pentagrams are used to call demons from the other world and the symbol acts as a shield against them. Try this very carefully as it is said to deal with very powerful negative forces.

3) Using a crystal ball to see spirits


The crystal ball technique dates back centuries though you can still use it to summon ghosts. All you need is a crystal ball and a “summoner” who can see and talk to the spirit through the ball.

4) Making use of an Ouija Board


The Ouija Board consists of the whole of the English Alphabet and all the digits from 0 to 9. The words “Yes”, “No” and “Good Bye” are imprinted on the Ouija board. The participants would have to place their fingers lightly on a small plastic heart incorporated with the board, and the “spirit” will guide the heart to reveal answers on the board.

5) Using a table to connect to spirits


Take a small table and ask your group to lay their hands flat on it. Say your prayers and call your spirit. The table will start tipping and rocking vigorously as the spirit answers your questions.

6) Using a spell to see the spirit


Want to connect with someone from the family who’s long been gone? For that you need to chant: “Spirit show yourself, spirit reveal, spirit come to me so I know you are real!” You might get to see spirits or hear voices from the other world!

7) Using candlelight to speak to the dead


Another way to summon ghosts is to use a white candle and draw a pentagram symbol. Place two sheets of papers one with “Yes” and the other with “No” written on it. You can then apparently summon spirits this way as the candle bends either to “Yes” or to “No” in response to your questions! Spooky, right?

8) Summoning witches through mirrors


An interesting method to summon ghosts and witches is through the mirror. You need to splash candle wax on a mirror and turn off the lights. Then, light candles around you and the mirror. Once the wax has dried, you can carve the name of the spirit you want to summon in the wax. Chant, “Witches corse through time, we are in need of assistance, Oh spirit come, we beckon you. Share your stories, come until the morning light.” You can also put your own blood on the mirror to make a stronger connect, but that’s your call!

9) Calling out to the Succubus or the Incubus


Okay, this is weird. The Succubus is a female demon who is popularly known to have sexual intercourse with the opposite gender while the Incubus is a male demon who does the same with a female! So, if you ever want to try demonic intercourse, you need to summon either of the two by chanting “Oh succubus of mine I call to thee with this blood offering to come to me so may it be!”

10) Summoning a vampire


Chanting this will help you call a vampire: “Oh goddess of the darkness, mother to the immortal, let me be reborn as your child, let your light absorb my own. Allow me passage to the darkness as from your immortal womb into the arms of your children to whom I will call brother. Oh moonlight, let me be reborn as your child guide the dark ones to me so I shall be born again.” Who’s gonna want to try this one! And more importantly, why would you?

11) Summoning a werewolf


Chant, “I summon you, a werewolf to this room! I command you stay in my circle of safety. I summon you so I may ask you for my purposes. So mote be!” A piece of advice: don’t get bitten! And it gets weirder.

12) Using a good luck spell


This is not exactly a ghost thing, but it bears mentioning as it deals with the supernatural. Meditate, focus and chant, “Spirit, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Come to me and give me what I desire. Waves of luck fall down on me and complete my wishes effortlessly. May this spell take toll for one whole day and after midnight strikes, may it go away. As I will, so mote it be.” And away goes your bad luck for a day! Or does it? Let us know if you try it.

13) Summoning the Grim Reaper


Place 20 candles in a circle and light them up as you move in a clockwise direction. Chant, “Grim Reaper, Grim Reaper I summon you Grim Reaper, be my servant be my friend may it be cast as this spell is made” Though harmless, perhaps it would be wise to arm yourself with a scythe!

14) Call Lucifer


Chant, “Lucifer, Ouyar, Chameron, Aliseon, Mandousin, Premy, Oriet, Naydru, Esmony, Eparinesoni, Estiot, Dumosson, Danochar, Casmiel, Hayras, Fabelleronthou, Sodirno, Peatham, Venite, Venite, LUCIFER. Shemhamforash!” to summon Lucifer. We’d like to know what this fallen angel looks like.

15) Summoning the Bloody Mary


Light two red candles and place them on both sides of a sink and turn the lights off. Chant “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary” to summon Bloody Mary’s spirit. Try this at your own risk!

16) Using the spell of the haunted call


To summon ghosts, there is a haunted call spell as well. Light 5 green candles and burn 5 red petals in the flames. Then, drop some blood from your finger on the candles and say, “God of my world and the next lend me your sight, give the power to see things that can give people fright, too long they’ve been trapped in the dark but now let them in the light.” Be ready with some lemon to douse the flames after your conversation is over.

17) Summoning vapour monsters


Step outside at night, and chant, “Gods and Goddesses all, Summon up something, terrifying for me, by the power within. Mote It Be!” Just remember that it has to be a full moon night.

18) Call up a family witch


Place candles at the 5 points of the pentagram star and chant, “I call forth from space and time, matriarchs from the family line: Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, Sons. Our Family’s spirit without end, to Gather now in this place and help us!”  This will help you see who from your family lineage was a witch.

19) Using a spell to summon a lost sister


For someone who is eager to speak to a lost sister from the other world, chant, “Power of the sisters rise, Course unseen across the skies, come to us who call you near, come to us and settle here, blood to blood, I summon thee, blood to blood, return to me.” She better be in a good mood though!

20) Bring in a couple of friendly fairies


Calling a fairy is summoning positive energy. Chant, “Fairy folk of marsh and heath, fairy folk of wood and hill, fairy folk above, beneath, fairies moving, fairies still, I take a bow, so help me now”. Do this at midnight and you might just get to see little winged magical entities.

21) The scrying method


Light a candle and turn out the lights. Focus your vision on a shiny surface till it becomes hazy. It is said that the spirit you want to connect with will be there with you in no time!

22) Summon angels


Angels from heaven – who doesn’t want to see one? Chant, “Oh heavenly creatures of the light, I call to you come to this place now. So mote it be”. Call them down at midnight and they just might visit you for a chat.

23) Summoning storms


Boil half a litre of water and chant, “Water boil, water cling, to the dust, as I sing, not just here, but everywhere, just like this, at which I stare”. Chant this thrice and it should bring in a storm. X-Men, anyone?

24) The dangling crystal method


Hold a chain with a crystal hanging from it close to a table. Light a candle and turn out the lights. Place two sheets of paper with “Yes” or “No” written on each. Hold the crystal chain over the table and summon the spirit. Ask questions and see it swing in response.

25) Meditation


Now, this one is tough. You need to have your mind absolutely clear and quiet. Focus and meditate. At some point, you will find yourself connecting with the other world. You may hear voices in your brain that are completely different from your thoughts.

Note: Try them all or try just one at your own risk. There are no guarantees. But we hear that if done right, it may just work. Have you had any paranormal experiences? Do let us know!

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