25 Lesser-Known Facts about India’s Best Entrepreneur Mr.Ratan Tata You Ought to Know

When you talk of India’s best businessmen, Ratan Tata’s name is sure to top the list. One of the most perceptive businessmen in the country, his name is enough to command respect and authority. With his sheer dedication and astute decisions, he has taken Tata Group to extraordinary heights in the national and global markets.

As a true patriot, philanthropist and a wise businessman, Rata Tata has garnered praise throughout the world. Though the Tata Group has had many remarkable successors, Ratan Naval Tata has reserved a special place for himself as a worthy successor of Tata Sons through his charisma and responsible business sense. Here are 25 amazing facts about Ratan Tata that prove that he is India’s best entrepreneur.

1) A humble start


Though born with the metaphorical silver spoon in his mouth, Ratan Tata started his career as a blue-collar employee at Tata Steel in 1962. His job was to shovel limestone and handle the blast furnace.

2) Fond of dogs


Ratan Tata loves dogs. In fact, he has 2 dogs of his own – Tito and Maximus.

3) Raised by his grandmother


He had a troubled childhood owing to his parents’ separation when he was 10. Ratan Tata and his younger brother, Jimmy, were raised by their grandmother, Lady Navajbai Tata (wife of Ratanji Tata).

4) Born to an adopted father


Ratan Tata’s father, Naval Tata, was adopted by Lady Navajbai Tata from a Parsi orphanage. He is the great-grandson of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, the founder of the Tata Group.

5) Loves cars


He loves cars. His extensive collection includes Ferrari California, Honda Civic, Land Rover Freelander, Cadillac XLR, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Jaguar F-Type and many other models. Many a time, Ratan Tata has been spotted driving his Ferrari California in Mumbai.

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