11 Things You Could Have Done with Money Spent on Janardhana Reddy’s Daughter’s Wedding. No.9 Is Just Insane!

Janardhana Reddy is a rich man. His daughter’s wedding in Bengaluru is set to be the mother of all big fat Indian weddings. The ex-minister seems to have no cash-crunch even with demonetization and the whole nation is standing in queues at the bank.

His daughter’s wedding is reported to cost a whooping Rs.500 crore at least on papers-we can only imagine how much more it would have actually cost. Mr.Reddy has recreated the Vijayanagara empire on 36 acres at Palace Grounds in Bengaluru and guests include politicians, Bollywood celebrities and other VVIPs.


While the splurge continues, here are 11 things you could have done with the money spent on this wedding!

1. World Tour


An average world tour cost somewhere between $ 20,000-30,000. Rs.500 crore in USD comes about $83 million which means you could have travelled the world 2766 times. That’s a lot, in fact you would have gotten bored seeing the world!

2. Chateau in France


There are many Chateaus in France which you can buy if you had $83 million. A beautiful French Chateau will cost somewhere between £500,000- £1,000,000 and even after buying this, you’ll have enough money to live a comfortable life.

3. Poverty Alleviation


It is said that 10% of people control 90% of the wealth in the world. On an average, someone in the India can have a meal for Rs.100. If you calculate this way, you can feed 100,000 people with Rs 1 Crore, and with 500 crore, 500,00,000 meals could have been bought.

4. Fleet of Exotic Cars


A Lamborghini Veneno costs somewhere around $4.5 million. If you had the money invested in Mr. Reddy’s daughter’s wedding, you could have bought 16 of these monsters.

5. Private Jet


The price for a Dassault Falcon private jet starts at $50 million and private Gulf-stream jet costs around $65 million. You would have money to buy that and some money left over.

6. Apartment in Burj Khalifa


An apartment in the tallest residential building in the world is a cool way to live. Celebrities from world over have bought apartments in the Burj Khalifa and there was a report that Shilpa Shetty sold off her 1 BHK apartment for Rs.30 Crore. If that report is accurate you could have bought some 16 apartments with Rs. 500 crores.

7. Virgin Islands


If you prefer the laid back lifestyle and tropical climate, you would have heard of British Virgin Islands. Home to billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, you can buy an island here for USD 8,500,000. We’ll let you do the math on Mr.Reddy’s daughter’s wedding and a house here.

8. Produce a Big Budget Movie


The Magnum opus movie Baahubali which ran to packed houses had a production budget of around INR 250 crores. With the money spent on Mr. Reddy’s daughter’s wedding you could have produced two such movies and may be even have some money left.

9. Earnings for 2500 Years


India’s per capita income is calculated to be Rs 93,231 for 2015-16. Even if you consider a small middle class working urban family (with 2 members earning) that earns Rs.20 lakhs a year, the amount of money spent for this wedding, is the same as they would have earned in 2500 years. (not calculating pay raise, inflation etc.)

10. Malnutrition


In India 44% of children under the age of 5 are underweight and 72% of infants and 52% of married women have anaemia. If this money was used for fighting malnutrition countless lives could have been saved.

11. Medical Care for People in Need


In India 27% of deaths are because of lack of medical care. With 500 crores you could have set up at least 250 small clinics that provide good quality medical care to people in rural areas.

It is reported that Mr. Janardhana Reddy has a net worth of over 50,000 crores and if he earned it through proper means he has the right to use the money any way he pleases. But if only a fraction of this money was used for society’s betterment, this could country could have been a lot better for everyone.


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