20 Iconic Devices from the History of Mobile Phones. Which One Did You Have?

Mobile phones have been around for a long time. However, there were few iconic mobile phones that just changed our perception of what a phone could do. When Martin Cooper, the Motorola researcher and executive made the first phone call from a handheld mobile, he had no idea about things to come. Here we take you through an incredible journey into the past where smart phones were just getting smart.

Note: This list might not contain very old models which were not a viable buy for the general public at the time of launch. Which of these models did you have? Do let us know in the comments section!

1. Nokia 3310


The bullet-proof phone that changed the world! Built like a tank and it made Nokia the undisputed king of mobile phones! You could make calls, text and who can forget the incredible “snake” game?

2. Nokia 1100


Practically everyone had this phone and it was dust resistant, provided three full days of talktime and even a torch! No wonder it sold like hot cakes!

3. Motorola RAZR V3


This was sleek, sexy and just plain mesmerizing. The ultra-slim metal finish left everyone gasping and it made the flip phone cool.

4. Nokia 6600


The king of Symbian OS, this phone was launched during the golden era of Nokia and it just rocked. IR, Bluetooth, a decent camera, expandable memory and endless apps for customization. Did I mention it could take a real hard fall and still work like a charm?

5. Nokia 9210 Communicator


A business-class phone unlike any other at the time of launch, the Nokia communicator was a symbol of your technological superiority. The phone featured a full sized keyword for sending emails and it could even send or receive fax!

6. Blackberry Pearl 8100


Blackberry was one of the pioneers of business-class phones. Anyone who could afford this phone back then were loyal Blackberry customers till the company lost its edge. The revolutionary device had a trackball, 1.3MP camera and SureType keyword with color display.

7. Nokia N-Gage


Popular with gaming aficionados at the time, Nokia N-Gage took mobile gaming to a whole new level. Space age layout of the keyboard, endless games to choose from and who could forget the ear-piece and microphone on the side?

8. Nokia 3230


A little weird looking at the time but still a classic. 65K colors, TFT screen, 6MB of internal memory, push to talk and a mono mp3 player. You could run plenty of apps on this little device and it was extremely popular with college goers.

9. Nokia 6630


Blend of design and functionality, this bad boy was a scaled down version of the Nokia 6680. It had all the works and was stylish in silver.

10. Nokia 3250


A phone with a twist. This mobile had an incredible camera and a music player that could put MP3 players of the time to shame. What a legend!

11. iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G

The phone that killed all other phones. When Steve Jobs came out with iPhone 3G, other manufactures were shocked, you could say stunned beyond words. With buttons that were so pretty you could lick them, the iPhone 3G marked the end of many renowned manufactures.

12. Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2

The only company that stood in the way between iPhone and total domination was Samsung. Samsung was able to up their game and produced the S2 which proved to be as good as an iPhone and made Samsung a phone manufacturer to be reckoned with.

13. Nokia N95



The sliding phone was expensive at the time of launch, but you could expect some fireworks when this was Nokia’s flagship phone. 5MP camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and stylish, this was a good contender for the best phone launched till date.

14. Sony Ericsson K750


Amazing phone at the time with a great camera and stunning audio quality. This phone marked the beginning of integration of portable music players into mobile. Volume rockers on the side and the famous navigation joystick made this phone extremely popular.

15. HTC Dream

HTC Dream

Launched when touchscreens were starting to become standard, HTC Dream was a dream to use. It had a horizontal sliding keyboard that was hidden beneath the screen and it was one of the first really popular Android devices made by HTC.

16. Nokia 6260

Nokia 6260

Another twist phone from the Nokia stable, the screen could rotate 4 ways which was revolutionary at the time. 65K, TFT screen and 6MB RAM and expandable memory meant this device could handle most of the apps at the time.

17. Nokia N91

Nokia N91

The original music player phone from Nokia, this smartphone had incredible sound clarity and an even incredible 8GB internal memory. The slider on top was only for your music and with the right headphones it really packed a punch.

18. Sony Ericsson W800

Sony Ericsson W800

Another music phone, this device and its orange look became an instant hit. 256K colors and amazing sound quality, it became a replacement for the traditional walkman.

19. Nokia N70

Nokia N70

One of the best selling Nokia phones ever, N70  was a perfect balance of style and functionality. 2MP primary camera, a secondary VGA camera, the removable BL 5C battery that easily lasted couple of days, this phone is a true legend!

20. Sony Ericsson P910i

Sony Ericsson P910i

We end the list with a formidable phone that was far ahead of its time–the Sony Ericsson P910i. 2,9 inch TFT resistive touchscreen, 256K colors, handwriting recognizing, stylus and a full-fledged keyboard. If it were available, this is one phone we would buy even today!

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