20 Mind Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know about Bill Gate’s $120 Million Home

When we speak of riches, the one name that comes to mind almost immediately is Bill Gates. Gates has been so consistent in holding the top spot among the richest men in the world that most of us aren’t aware that he lost his spot recently, trumped by Amancio Ortega, the Spanish owner of the Zara retail chain. The mastermind behind Microsoft, Bill Gates, commands a net worth of a staggering $79.2 billion! He continues to vie for the top spot, losing it sometimes and then gets back on top once again.

For a person with such riches, it is quite obvious that a luxurious mansion would be part of the deal. And that is exactly the case with Bill Gates. His 66,000 sq. ft. mansion was built over a period of seven years and cost him around $63 million, which might be an insane amount for us, but not so for the world’s richest man (at that time). As a percentage of his total wealth, that just converts to about 0.1%! Below is a list of 20 such insanely unbelievable facts about Bill Gates’ House that might just make you awestruck.

1) Gates’ has named his home after the house of a fictional character


Bill Gates’ mansion is named Xanadu 2.0, which also happens to be the name of the fictional home of Citizen Kane’s title character.

2) The property stands at 154.2 million dollars


The whole property is worth a whopping $154.2 million! An even astonishing fact is that Bill Gates bought it for $2 million back in 1988.

3) His annual property taxes are about a million


Gates pays around a million dollars annually as property taxes! Insane!

4) Guests can use pins to control the temperature and lighting within the room


Gates shows us how to treat our guests “royally.” With sensors fitted all over the place, the guests just need to use pins to modify the room’s temperature and lighting! Genius.

5) Bill Gates’ House used up half a million board-feet of lumber


Bill Gates’ House boasts of 500-year old Douglas fir, with the house using around half a million board-feet of lumber.

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