Are You In Love? Here are 17 Signs that You May Have Found ‘True Love’

Are you in a relationship that is both emotionally and physically fulfilling? Does this person make you feel happy, content and make you want to share your innermost feelings with him or her? If you say yes, you could be in love.

Since love and relationships, in general, are super complicated, we’ve compiled a list of signs that will help you determine whether what you share with your partner is “True Love” or just an infatuation.

1) You do things that you absolutely loathe just because your partner likes them

Do you find yourself doing things that you hate just because your partner likes doing them? If yes, you my friend may have been struck by Cupid. From watching a football game to shopping trips, the things we do for the people we love are many.

If you can bring yourself to do things that you usually wouldn’t do just for the sake of your partner, then it’s a sign of true love.

2) You love showing off your partner to your friends and family

The thing about being in love is that you want to tell the entire world about your relationship. Introducing your partner to your best friend, your mom or to anyone who is important to you is a classic sign that the relationship is getting serious and that you might be in love with that person.

3) You start thinking in terms of ‘We’ rather than ‘I’

You start planning how you can have a future together and you consider your partner before you make every decision. Whether you’re making plans for Friday night or you’re thinking of getting a new job, you take into account your partner’s opinion before you decide on something.

4) You get butterflies in your stomach when you think of your partner


When it’s true love, the very thought of your partner makes you smile and gives you butterflies in your stomach. His/her name flashing on your phone will not only give you butterflies but will also make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

5) You communicate without words


Couples who are really in tune with each other can understand their partner’s emotional state just by looking at them. A reassuring glance, a pat on the back, squeezing your hand when you’re unsure are all ways of communicating with your partner without speaking.

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