Watch : Lions Set Out For A ‘Morning Walk’ in Junagadh, Gujarat

If you are a denizen along the inner streets in Junagadh, Gujarat and an early riser, chances are that you may have had some ‘wild’ company had you decided to go for a early-morning stroll!

That’s right! A pride of lions, caught on camera, walked through the inner streets of Junagadh, Gujarat along a stretch adorned with hospitals, schools, hostels which over 10,000 people call home.


The lions, probably ventured out from the nearby Girnar sanctuary which houses about 45 lions, are known to come close to residential areas but not this deep. This video was followed by reports of a man , from a shepherd community in Gujarat’s Amreli district, being killed in lion attacks in the same district.

The wildlife conservationists concur that such sightings will increase as the lion population in the sanctuary increases.

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