Video : Heartwrenching Visuals Of Father Running With His Ailing Son In Search For Medical Help

The 12-yr old boy died and the father claims it is due to lack of timely attention

It’s been less than a week after we were witness to apathy in the Odisha district where a man was forced to carry the dead body of his wife on his shoulder after being refused an ambulance by the local hospital.

However, in the latest incident highlighting the apathy displayed towards the poor’s healthcare needs, a 12-yr old boy in Kanpur is said to have lost his life while being carried by his father who’s trying to get him medical help.

Sunil Kumar has alleged that his son Ansh died on his shoulder on Friday, as he tried to get a doctor to see him urgently after he had high fever and was treated at local clinics for 2 days. The Uttar Pradesh government has ordered two inquiries into allegations that the child was denied timely treatment in this city just 80 km from state capital Lucknow.

“He was in Class 6 and very intelligent. I took him to a local hospital, they asked me to take him to the government hospital,” says Mr Kumar, a mechanic. Kumar then waited for 30 minutes in the emergency ward of the government-run Hallet hospital, the biggest in Kanpur, before being told to take his child to the children’s section some 200 mtrs away.

The father alleges that the doctor didn’t even examine the child and after being denied a stretcher, Mr. Kumar rushed out on foot with his son on his shoulder. The heartbreaking visuals were filmed by a local reporter.

Upon reaching the children’s section, the boy was declared dead on arrival and his father was handed the worst news that he could have been saved had he been brought in even moments earlier.

The Hallet hospital claims that the child was dead when his father brought him.¬†Uttar Pradesh health minister Ravidas Mehrotra has said: “Whoever is guilty will not be spared.”

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