Shocking Video: Homeless Boy Picks Food from Garbage Can & Nobody Cares!

Would you ignore a desperate boy picking food out of a garbage bin?

A social experiment conducted in Auckland captures hundreds of people completely ignoring a homeless boy rummaging through garbage bins for food.

As part of recruitment campaign, the New Zealand police secretly filmed people walking past a child actor posing as a scavenger. Most of the people don’t even glance in the child’s direction or make eye contact with him. Hundreds of people walk past ignoring him, and a couple even throw rubbish into the bin he is rifling through.

Head of the police department’s public affairs, Karen Jones, said they are looking to attract fresh recruits that value empathy. It was a 35-minute recording and 500 people saw the boy, but only 10 people stopped to talk to him and offer help.

Do you consider yourself a caring person? Watch this heart-rending video.

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