China Now Wants Youth to Fill Up Sperm Banks for “Sake of the Country”

It’s all about giving back to society

Chinese government officials wants its men, between the age of 20 and 45, to donate sperm “for the sake of your country.”

Apparently, China’s sperm banks are facing severe shortages since few Chinese men offer to donate. According to a study, almost half of those who contribute are screened out due to STDs or other parameters.

The government and sperm banks fear that the sperm shortage will get even worse. They are appealing to the feelings of patriotism to find new volunteers. A few sperm banks are reportedly trying to tackle this issue with lucrative incentives such as a rose-gold iPhone and cash up to $1,000.

Despite the many incentives, many men are reluctant to give any away because Chinese traditional medicine associates semen with vitality. Additionally, many are reluctant to use sperm donors, arguing that it goes against Confucian values.

Sperm banks are reportedly trying to counter those deep-set values with ads such as “Donating sperm and donating blood are the same thing. It’s all about giving back to society.”

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