The Real Reason Why Opposition Called for Bharat Bandh on 28th November

The united opposition in India has called for a Bharat Bandh on 28th November 2016 to protest against demonetization. While common people are still waiting in lines to withdraw money from ATMs, it makes us wonder, is this bandh really for the common man or for people who had stashed away tons of money which became worthless paper overnight?

PM Modi conducted an app survey to evaluate the sentiment on demonetization and a whopping 93% was in favour of the move. Now, those who got badly affected by the recent ban has been crying and cribbing ever since the ban about the effect this move had on the common man. But has the opposition done anything to improve the situation? In addition to stalling the parliament, making accusations and calling the move the biggest scam in the history of India, now they’ve called for a Bharat Bandh to protest against it.

One of key members of the Opposition made a desperate attempt to look like a common by standing in the queue but people roasted this gimmick on Twitter.


Few weeks back, we had published an article on 10 People Worst Affected by Modi’s Black Money Surgical Strike and we had mentioned politicians as No.1. This Bharat Bandh called on Novemeber 28, just reiterates that that article was spot on.

During the UPA rule, there were 9 major scams worth lakhs of crores of rupees most of which would still be with all those involved. Now, is this bandh a call for them to unite against a government that actually wants to do some good for the real “common man”? We do not know!

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