7 Incredible Things that Exist Only on Planet Earth

Ever seen things in a movie that made you go, “Wow,” or “That’s incredible”? Well, we’ve rounded up some phenomena and things that you will never believe are true.

Electric bacteria

These extraordinary bacteria live on pure energy. Rather than food, they eat, breathe and excrete electrons and they are everywhere. Alternate source of energy, anyone?


The green flash

No, this is not related to “Green Lantern” or “The Flash”. The green flash is an optical phenomenon that you can see shortly after sunset or before sunrise. For a split second or two, the upper rim of the sun will appear green in colour.


Christmas crab migration

One of the most dramatic and amazing animal migration in the world is the red crab migration of Christmas Island. Hundreds and thousands of crabs begin a spectacular journey from the forest to the coast colouring the entire town red!


Rainbow trees

This peculiar tree called Eucalyptus Deglupta, aka Rainbow eucalyptus, is one of the most stunning trees you’ll ever see. The bark of these trees bear the vibrant colours of the rainbow. Wonder how a chameleon camouflages itself on this tree?


Blue lava

An Indonesian volcano is home to the blue lava! Thanks to the extremely high quantities of sulfuric gas that emerges at high pressure, the flames on the lava emit a blue hue. The experts say that the blue effect is only visible at night; during daytime, the volcano looks roughly like any other. Looks inviting, doesn’t it?


Medusa lake

A lake along northern Tanzania has such high alkaline content that it preserves whatever it touches. The high levels of soda and salt in Lake Natron cause the bodies of dead animals and birds to calcify, perfectly preserving them as they dry. Photographer Nick Brandt gave these birds a second chance by perching them in various poses and photographing these eerie lifeless creatures.


Ribbon worm

Ribbon worms, phylum Nemertea, are mostly found in the ocean. What makes this harmless looking creature so nightmarish is that it shoots web like proboscis to snare hapless prey.


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