4 times Indian parents forget to practice what they preach

Dear Reader, This may sound like a rant from a twentysomething Indian, but those of you who have lived in a typical Indian household, would have at least one time or the other experienced  moments where parents have been a little hypocritical. Here are a few scenarios every Indian child has to deal with where Indian parents preach but forget to practise.

Here are a few scenarios every Indian child has to deal with where Indian parents preach but forget to practise.

When mom’s cooking foodmomsEver been in a situation where your mother is toiling away in the kitchen in order prepare a hot meal for the family? Obviously, as would any responsible child you would go up to your mother and ask if she needed any help. She would then give you a smile and tell you there’s no need to help sweety, I can handle the cooking.


As the cooking process goes, soon the whole house would explode to one loud statement from your mother. “Nobody ever helps me in this house!” . Yeah, it happens and most of the time you’d be dumbfounded when it does.

When dad promises to buy you somethingbuying
In today’s age, the youth prefer cold hard cash rather than asking our parents what we want. One reason that is such is because we want to feel independent or we prefer the idea of having a choice what to buy. Our parents, care for us too much to let us spend on something on our own, for that they lovingly guide us as to what’s best for us. So hence the Indian policy for you to buy stuff is still, tell us what you want and we will get it for you.

When you ask your dad, (who most of the time is the head of the family) for something to buy, he is all ears and will give you  specified date and time as to when they can buy it for you. When that day comes however, the answer might change into a no or a maybe later. Don’t get your parents wrong, they probably do this with best interest for you.

When parents give you a freedom of choice in education
doctor or engineerToday, there are more modern families who prefer the children to pursue whatever course they desire and are in full support. The same used to go for the earlier years of the now old Indian child.

Dreams of becoming an astronaut, race car driver, pilot etc were pushed to the moon when the child is young, only for the child to conform to two options in the future. The dreaded Engineer or doctor.

When comparing you to othersmarksOne thing parents love, is to see their children succeed. So, when it comes to examinations and marks, they wish to see their children attain the top rank.

When you do get the top rank, parent’s believe not to compare and belittle others as to prevent you from getting an ego boost, but when you lose out to the neighbours child in marks, comparison’s galore!

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