30 Parenting Tips & Hacks that’ll Make Your Life with Kids Easier

There are no shortcuts to getting into your child’s mind, but there are smart ways to work your way around it. Kids nowadays may be smart, but you should also be a smart parent. Being a parent is rewarding; parenting, however, can be a queasy rollercoaster ride if you don’t know what it is that you are signing up for! Putting your expectations and thoughts across to your children can be tasking, but it is best to establish early on that you are the parent in the equation and the one who calls the shots.

We’ve put together a list of 30 parenting hacks that every parent should know. These parenting tips are not only a cheat sheet for good parenting, it will also help you tackle everyday challenges without losing your hair.

1) Let them know you are the adult


Kids can surprise you by their power of observation and can make you feel cornered at times, and they don’t hesitate to ask questions beyond their years! You might recall that as kids you probably didn’t have a definite answer to how you were born, save for old granny tales. You can’t fool kids of this generation; they have a fair understanding of the human anatomy, and you’ll be surprised with their depth of knowledge.

2) Be a good listener


Children want to be heard before they can hear you out, what to them means facing the music! Before you shower them with your daily dose of gyaan, hear them out. Listening is vital when it comes to communicating with others. As children grow older, they generally tend to drift away from their parents. However, if you listen to them and their stories when they are young, they are more likely to keep telling you things even when they’ve grown up.

3) Have a reward system in place


If you have 2 or more children, have them challenge each other over chores around the house like cleaning their rooms, making the bed, walking the dog – anything they can do at their age. This will keep them from getting into trouble and you don’t have to constantly look over your shoulder.

4) Nurture and fuel their interests


Keep kids occupied with something that excites their senses. It could be painting, cooking, writing, craft, building blocks, perhaps. Pointing your kids in the right direction early on plays a crucial role in moulding their persona.

5) Have fun with your kids in a safe enclosure

Baseball Father and Son

Having fun with your kids is undeniably the most picture-perfect moment. However, make sure the play area is clear of stray objects that could be cause for concern or injury.

6) Curious kids around the house?


Kids are a curious lot, and they have an affinity to explore every nook and cranny of the house, including power points. Use a Band-Aid or temporary sealant to seal all power outlets when not in use, so kids don’t stick their fingers in them or poke around.

7) Identity crisis


Use a permanent marker to label clothes, footwear, accessories and anything that’s likely to be difficult to identify in a pile of clothing.

8) Making homework fun and irresistible

Young brother ands sister doing homework

Offer your kids a sweet treat or an extra story before bed for completing their homework on time.

9) Bringing the room to life


Break the habit of kids sneaking into your room/bed by painting their room with their favourite colour, decorating their walls, and hanging posters of their favourite super-hero.

10) Ice popsicles


Turn ice cubes into lollipops by replacing water with fresh fruit juice instead of water.

11) Turn your stairs into a make-shift slide


Open up old cardboards to mimic a ramp that can be secured to the handrails and wall for kids to slide on.

12) Temper tantrums


If your kids have a habit of locking up behind them, replace automatic doorknobs with those that can only be locked from the outside.

13) Left-right-left


Label a sticker on the inside of each shoe to help kids identify the left from the right.

14) Graffiti remover


Keep a crayon remover, like Goo Gone, handy to get rid of your kids’ handy work from walls.

15) Toothpaste to the rescue


Toothpaste helps rid your wooden furniture off permanent marker imprints.

16) Turn old trousers into shorts


Cut old trousers and jeans to turn them into shorts if your kid has shot up in height.

17) Toy sorting challenge


Challenge your kids against a ticking timer to stash their toys into a box or a trunk.

18) Mending your manners


Teach your kids to incorporate “Please” and “Thank you” in everyday conversations. Every time they take heed, add a sticker on a make-shift thank you card. After they reach a credit limit, reward them with a day out at the movies.

19) Fussy eaters at the dinner table


As parents, we tend to make a fuss over our kids not eating. The key to this is – DON’T! Prepare a meal of sorts that you know your kids like, and serve. They will eat, maybe not immediately, but they will learn that nobody’s fussing over it, and will learn to eat what’s served.

20) Make way for the Abacus


If learning numbers is a cumbersome task to your kids, use an abacus to introduce them to the realm of numbers – it’s fun and enriching.

21) Keep those pearly whites healthy

Girl brushing teeth

Get your kids into the habit of brushing twice every day. Join them in this healthy activity by making it seem like a fun team activity.

22) Safe haven for kids to play


Inflatable pools serve as an ideal play area and give ample cushioning for comfort.

23) Make-shift medicine dispenser


Insert a dropper through a pacifier or nipple to dispense medication to your child. This ensures there’s no dripping and the dosage is not exceeded.

24) Parental-control on television and computers


Don’t have kids stumble upon content they shouldn’t be watching. Control the time and channels they watch and sites they browse.

25) What’s the password?


Instil alertness in your child by choosing a password that stays between you and the kids. In the event that a stranger approaches, encourage kids to ask for the password.

26) Better safe than sorry


Educate your kids about the good touch-bad touch scenario in a calm and collected manner. Make them aware of their bodies and that nobody has the right to touch them inappropriately. If someone does so, your kids should confide in you.

27) Make-shift drip holder


Use disposable muffin holders to double as drip collectors to keep your kids and the floor from getting messy.

28) Scribble pad


Place a white board in the most frequented places around the house for your kids to scribble on.

29) On-the-go snack holder


Transform tiered shoe holders to hold snacks, games, maps, and more in your car.

30) Rub-a-dub-dub


Rub Vicks VapoRub on your kids’ feet and put socks over them at bedtime to put a stop to coughing.

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