Ultimate List of Office Games You Can Play without Your Boss Finding Out!

Work hard and play hard

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

With long, never-ending shifts and blink-and-miss weekends, one hardly gets to enjoy any play-time.

Working for hours on end gets monotonous and having your boss constantly looking over your shoulder surely doesn’t help. Adding a few fun games to your boring office routine will not only create an enjoyable workplace, but also help you interact with your colleagues.

Instead of changing jobs, why not make your current work space lively with these 25 interesting and fun games you can play in office without your boss finding out? Read on to find out how you and your colleagues can kill time at work without getting on your boss’s radar.

1) The hidden line


Take two points in your office and draw an invisible line through it. Gather your co-workers and try to cross the invisible line by jumping across or ducking beneath it without touching it. To add some more fun, you all can make audible sounds whenever someone unknowingly touches the line!

2) Moulded heroes!


Take some sticky tack, such as Blu-Tack, and mould it into a character or a clue to a movie. Pass it on to your co-workers and let them guess the name of the movie or its actors or anything related to it. A pretty interesting game where you get to use actual office supplies.

3) The non-existent software prank


Okay, this prank works great on an intern or a newbie. Just issue a request to the intern to purchase non-existent software, such as the Left-Hand Edition of Microsoft Office. The real fun begins when you see the poor soul searching high and low through the web while you giggle away! Evil.

4) Pass the drawing


Pick out any image editing software that you have at your disposal. There isn’t any hard and fast rule to only use Photoshop here. Start off with a drawing and leave it midway, pass it onto someone else and ask them to complete a portion of it. Keep the draw-and-pass routine going till the page doesn’t have any space left. The real fun begins when you try guessing who drew what! This is a creative way to build your team bonding.

5) Tele gambling


This is a great way to earn some coffee-bucks or lose your dinner money. Select someone who isn’t in the same room, gather your co-workers and start the fun. Place bets with them as to whether you victim in the other room would answer your call or not. The winners share the loot, while the losers say goodbye to their dinner (or lunch)!

6) Moving off-ground


Okay, this might be the most childish game of the lot. The idea is to keep your feet above the floor at all times and only use the wheely-chair as transportation. Anyone caught with their feet touching the floor can be penalised. How? That’s for you to decide. Come up with hilarious penalty tasks to make it all the more fun.

The following list will come in handy if you have access to online games. This is a fun way to kill time when you have low workload.

7) Crash Planning


Crash Planning is basically a puzzle where you need to group same coloured cells to clear them. The game looks like a boring calendar program, which serves as the perfect camouflage.

8) Gwigle


Gwigle is a great way to kill your time. At the first look, it will appear as if you are googling something. Upon a closer look you’ll find that it’s a game in which you need to guess search terms for the displayed results! Cool, right?

9) Excit


Excit is an online game where your mission is to escape spreadsheets. It’s just the right kind of stress buster you need.

10) Breakdown


Breakdown lets you use a paddle to remove text from a word document. More importantly, if you think you are being watched simply hit the spacebar to remove all the gaming elements. Sly!

11) Excel Sheep


From a distance, this game seems as if you are gathering numbers on an excel sheet. Get a closer look and you will find that you need to steer the sheep into its pen. You boss won’t have a clue of what’s going on!

12) Leadership


Leadership is a game where you need to steer a rocket through the lines of a jagged bar graph. This is a great way to kill time, considering that it looks like you are preparing a chart for a presentation!

13) Pac-Man


Thanks to Google’s Pac-Man doodle, you can now fool your boss into believing that you are actually doing something worthwhile. You can play it to your heart’s content, just make sure that the sound is turned down.

14) The Email Game


This is a great way to have fun and do something worthwhile at the same time. The Email Game makes you clean up your inbox until you receive a euphorically astonishing “zero” status.

15) Type your way away!


Taking a typing test serves as a great 10-minute break from your monotonous work. This works well even if you get caught, as you can just tell that you were honing up your keyboard skills! Productive and fun.

16) Cost Cutter


Cost Cutter is a game where you need to keep the blocks of the graph as low as possible by combining the colours. This game makes you look as if you are deep into your work while you are actually having fun.

Let’s move away from computers and get back to some actual fun games you can play at your office!

17) Race against time


Set yourself a time limit and race against time to reach your destination within the time-frame. Jumping over desks and crawling under chairs, everything is allowed. And if you get caught? Well, you were in a hurry to finish an important task!

18) A Dark Room


This online game is for people who love stories, escapism and introspection. You start off in cold room with no other option than to light a fire. As you stoke the fire, short lines of text appear on the left side of the screen providing sparse narration to the bleak world you will inhabit throughout the game. It’s a perfect escape when you need a break from your monotonous work.

19) Keep mum


This is weird, but a hell lot of fun. Just be quiet. Absolutely quiet. Don’t utter even a word. Do all the talking with your shrugs and shakes. While your co-workers wonder what’s wrong, just save up the energy to laugh your heart out afterwards!

20) The hidden treasure!


Create some riddles and clues, note them down and post them in your office. Invite your co-workers on this journey to solve these riddles and claim a great prize. Make sure the clues are difficult enough, so as to make the prize worth all the effort.

21) The supernatural touch


With great subtlety, move things on your co-worker’s desk. Move a pen here, move the paper-weight there. Make sure you don’t get caught and you can very well see him/her panicking about some supernatural effect!

22) Boss charged!


This is dangerous but hilariously funny. When you see your boss coming, just dart towards him without him knowing that you have seen him. Charge towards him till he steps aside for you. Just make sure you don’t bump into him making it seem relatively intentional. Do it at your own risk though. Good luck.

23) Become a ninja assassin


This is a childish game, but a great way to kill that boring half hour at the office. In this game you are a ninja and your aim is to “assassinate” your co-workers by touching them with a pen, while they aren’t paying attention. The game goes on until there is only one standing “alive”. On top of the world? Yeah!

24) Throwing paper balls


This is an age old office game, where you throw random paper balls/planes and fire rubber bands across your cubicles. The victim doesn’t get to know who threw them, and they do the same. The game goes on till one of the projectiles hits your boss. Just kidding.

25) Prank calls


This prank lets you develop your voice-acting skills. Make a call to your co-worker at his extension as a confused customer looking for an answer. Just enjoy the show while your poor victim tries to figure out a non-existent solution. Don’t ever let them know it was you.

One of the most important things to understand is that your work doesn’t bore you, the monotony of it does. So, why not do something fun that takes away this monotony and makes you want to go to office every day?

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