25 Essential Mind-Reading Tricks to Survive in Today’s Messed Up World

Have you ever tried to guess what your friends are hiding from you? Maybe a personal detail or an embarrassing moment, the possibilities are endless. Did you know that you can narrow down these possibilities by simply understanding how the human mind works? Once you master the art of observation and trusting your instincts, you’ll be a pro at mind reading.

Mind reading tricks won’t actually turn you into a Jedi but by using the brain’s natural quirks to your advantage, you can make a positive impact on people around you. Here are 25 incredible mind reading tricks that are sure to impress your friends.

1) Use the priming memory effect


Priming is an implicit memory effect in which exposure to one stimulus or pattern influences the response to another stimulus. For example, tell your friends this: “What is the word spelled ‘S-H-O-P’?” Make sure they say: “Shop.” Then, immediately ask them: “What do you do when you come to a green light?” Their answer will likely be “Stop”.

2) Telepathy


It is one of the most popular and most debated trick of reading minds. Telepathy is the art of reading thoughts without using any of the five senses. This process requires a lot of practice. It involves two people – the sender and the receiver. The sender has to transmit his/her thoughts clearly and has to imagine the process of how it could have happened practically. The receiver, however, has to keep himself/herself in complete sync with the thoughts of the sender. The receiver needs to relax and note down every thought that his/her mind seems to be receiving, even if it’s weird.

3) Make others agree with you


If you want to make others agree with you, try nodding your head as you speak. Most people unconsciously follow the body language of those around them to understand what the other person is feeling. When you nod your head, you’re conveying that what you’re saying is true and people are more likely to agree with you.

4) Decipher the expressions


This is a complicated skill to master and it requires a lot of practice. In this technique, you have to read the other person’s emotions through non-verbal expressions. Handwriting, tone of voice, facial expressions (however minute) are some cues to understand what’s going on in a person’s mind.

5) The guess game


If you have a doubt that a person is hiding something, try guessing some random things about that person. Their expression will change once you guess the exact thing that’s going on inside their mind. Once you’ve identified the change in expression, keep talking on the same lines and the person will definitely blurt out the truth.

6) Acting calm to win an argument


When you’re arguing with someone, act calmer than them. This creates a sense of urgency in them and they end up saying something irrational that you can use against them. Be careful though, you might end up with a black eye if you get too cocky.

7) The muscle reading technique

Four different poses of one woman waiting for interview. =

This is a simple technique. You just have to be observant of a person’s body language. If a person who is usually calm appears tensed body-wise, he/she has something going on. You can use the muscle reading technique on your friend who you think is hiding something. Start pressing the person’s back muscles and make random yet relevant guesses on what might be bothering him/her. You’ll be able to feel their muscles tense up once you make the right guess.

8) Make people believe your lies


If you want your friends to believe a totally made-up story, repeat it three times, adding some interesting detail every time. For example, remind them of a story from the school days. “Remember how David got beaten up by the Math teacher?” The first time they won’t remember. Second time repeat the same story with a few more details. By the third time, they will remember everything.

9) Win games with mind games


If you’re playing a game with your friend and he/she is playing really well, all you have to do is mention how well they are playing and then question them about how exactly they’re playing so well. They’ll start over thinking and most likely lose the game.

10) Detect a lie


Most of us think that we can easily detect if someone is lying. But in reality, there are only a few rare individuals who can actually spot a liar. Most liars maintain steady eye contact while lying unlike people who tell the truth. Look for the inconsistencies in their story and question them a lot, eventually they will make a mistake that will give them away. For more details, check out the TV show called Lie to me.

11) Observation is the key


When you’re trying to read someone’s mind, make sure that your mind is clear of all unnecessary thoughts. Look at the person closely and everything around him/her. Look at your subject for 10-15 minutes and then turn away. Try to visualise their face and focus intently on how you feel about them. Strike up a conversation with that person and you’ll see that your mind will be flooded with a number of thoughts. Trust your instincts and don’t deny the thoughts entering your mind. You can act on them right away or store them in your memory for later use.

12) Passing on your burden

Firemen walk with plastic grocery bags in San Francisco

If you’re carrying a load that you don’t actually want to carry, try using mind tricks to have someone else carry it for you. Say you’re carrying a heavy shopping bag and you want your friend to carry it for you. Strike an interesting conversation and while you’re in the middle of it, slowly hand the shopping bag to your friend. Most people just take objects automatically, without thinking.

13) Chew gum to focus better

Beautiful blonde woman. Fashion portrait. Blowing bubble gum.

Chewing gum lowers your cortisol level, which induces stress. It also makes you more alert and you can perform better in memory-oriented tasks. If you’re in a stressful situation, chew gum and you’ll be able to focus on your subject better while trying to decipher the person’s thoughts.

14) Check out your subject’s feet


While talking to your subject, pay attention to their feet. If their feet are pointed towards you, it is most likely that they’re interested and listening to what you’re saying. But if their feet are pointed away from you, then they’re probably disinterested and not paying attention. If they are shaking their feet, then they are impatient or would rather be someplace else.

15) Make silence your weapon to get answers


Silence is the best way to get answers and negotiate your terms. When you ask a question and the other person takes time to respond, don’t move the conversation forward. Be patient and silent for a while. The uncomfortable moments of silence make the other person feel the need to respond. You’ll get your answers without even trying hard through this technique.

16) Maintain eye contact


When you’re trying to read a person’s mind your eye contact is extremely important. It may seem aggressive or creepy but eye contact enables you to gain the confidence of your subject. You can decode their thoughts through a conversation and they open up to you. However, if you don’t make the eye contact, the person feels you’re disinterested and shy. Therefore, they don’t open up during the conversation.

17) The mirror technique


When you mimic or mirror a person’s movements, subconsciously, they feel more comfortable around you. They feel that you are empathetic towards them and they’ll feel closer to you. Once they get close, you can talk about their interests and soon they’ll open up to you.

18) Statistics to your rescue


One of the most important techniques of reading a person’s mind is to keep tab about their habits, clothing, age, general attitude and so on. When you know how certain people react to certain situations or questions, you can easily guess them before they say it. For example, if you ask someone to name a colour and give them only 3 seconds to respond, they’ll will most likely answer red. Use this kind of information to your advantage and impress your buddies.

19) Don’t try too hard


When you’re trying to read a person’s mind, be relaxed. Don’t rush into drawing conclusions. Take your time and if there are props involved, wave your hands around a lot, as if you’re dealing with real magic. Once you are confident about yourself, you can sell tricks easily.

20) Choose your subject wisely


Don’t pick the highly eager ones nor the ones who avoid eye contact. Pick someone who is interested in what you’re doing and is ready to interact. Eager ones will try to outshine you while the shy ones won’t be fun to try the tricks on.

21) The eye contact technique


Try this trick on someone: Tell them to look into your eyes constantly. Ensure that they don’t stop looking even for a second. Now ask them what they had for lunch three days ago. There are high chances that they won’t be able to answer. It’s very hard to remember something without moving your eyes. Similarly, you can ask them something else as well.

22) The convincing trick


Convince your subject that you’re a mind reader with this trick. Ask them to hold up their hand and to think of one of their fingers without telling you which one. Then, gently push against each of their fingers, one by one, with your own finger. When you get to the finger they have chosen, they will subconsciously put up a tiny resistance to your finger and you’ll know. To make it more convincing, throw in a meaningless gesture before giving them the answer, such as holding their palm to your forehead, to deflect from your actual method of determination.

23) Lead interactions to be liked


You can use this subtle trick to make people like you even if you sense they don’t. When interacting with a group, make sure that you lead the interaction with an interesting quip or introduce a controversial topic. When you do this, make sure you have key points to add to the debate. Spice it up and be liked. Even those who don’t like you will be impressed. And once they’re impressed, it’s easier to get them to like you.

24) Win at rock, papers, scissors every time!


Right before you are about to call out, catch the person off-guard with a personal question or make a comment directed at them. Then immediately resume the call like nothing happened. Most of the time, the person will automatically throw scissors as a sort of defensive mechanism.

25) It’s okay to fail but don’t give up


You’re probably may not succeed in deciphering a person’s thought right away. That’s fine; prepare well and keep trying. Mind reading is all about practice and focus. The trick is to be consistent in your efforts to master this skill.


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