Basic Feng Shui & Interior Design Concepts to Attract Positivity into Your Life

Feng shui, which literally means wind-water, is a design tool to enhance your living conditions. Originated in China, it is now a worldwide phenomenon and Feng shui has had a profound impact on interior designing in the last few decades. Businesses, as well as home-owners, are engaged in redecorating their spaces according to these principles.

As opposed to popular perception, there is nothing magical about feng shui. It applies basic common sense so that you live your life in an environment where you feel relaxed and calm. Feng shui aims at tapping into the positive energy flowing in this universe through the decoration of your rooms. It aims to make you feel good, as feeling good attracts positive ch’i (energy flow). Here are 25 ways in which you can design your home to bring in that positivity and harmony that you always wanted.

1) Don’t clutter the entry


Keeping the entry clutter-free is very important. The ch’i (positive energy) comes into your home through your front gate. So, it’s important to keep it clean and open. It’s advised to remove any tables or furniture which might be placed near your entrance.

2) Place your bed in the power position


The power position is the farthest corner of the room from where you can watch the door directly. Keep your bed in this position. Doing so will make you the master of this space and will make your outlook towards life controlled and calm.

3) Don’t keep broken things


Never keep anything that’s broken – fix it as soon as possible. Anxiety and frustration develops when you keep broken and non-working items in your home. If the doors scratch the floors while opening and closing mend them quickly. From locks to drains, make sure everything is functioning properly. This will make your life relaxed.

4) Always close the toilet seat


Remember to close the toilet seat when you are done using it. Also, don’t keep any drains or plug holes open. Open toilet seats and plug holes are believed to drain out your money. Closing these will let you cut back on money wastage.

5) Your hall should have a bookcase


A bookcase helps bring in the ch’i to your home. Place the bookcase in your hall at a point where it is in the view-line of your front door, but don’t block it. The positive energy gained after doing so will enhance your learning capabilities.

6) Let the fresh air in


Make sure to open your windows and curtains and let all the fresh air and natural light come in. Doing so will attract a lot of ch’i into your home. A properly ventilated home makes you feel relaxed and calm.

7) Improve romance by placing plants in the bedroom


You can improve your intimate life by placing three plants in your bedroom. Having plants which bear pink flowers will effectively enhance and improve your romantic life.

8) Don’t put all your furniture against the walls


Make sure that you don’t put all the furniture against the walls. They are meant to support the cause of communication. You should at least have their front legs on the floor rug to improve the communication in your home.

9) The kitchen should be kept clean


Make it a point to keep your kitchen clean at all times. Your kitchen decides your ability to acquire wealth. Make sure the fridge is clean, and contains fresh food which you actually eat. Clean the stoves and the table regularly to improve your money attracting abilities.

10) Pair up your furniture


Keeping solitary chairs, imagery and nightstands will increase your solitude. Pair up everything in your room from the chairs to the nightstands. This will improve the ch’i in your room and you will be able to have a great relationship.

11) Decorate your rooms with red and purple


Red is an auspicious colour and it fills you up with positive vibes. Try decorating your rooms with a touch of red and purple. Paint a wall red or add a tinge of purple to your couch, either way you are going to experience an enhanced power within yourself.

12) Have a comfortable master bedroom


If your master bedroom is very spacious then you need to work on it to make it cosier. Install curtains if you don’t have enough doors. Opt for a smaller bed. A bigger bedroom space creates an emotional distance between couples.

13) Opt for a circular dining table


After the master bedroom, the dining table is the most important place you need to arrange to attract love. It is advised that you go for a circular dining table. Spread out all the chairs even if the whole group doesn’t eat together – this will attract more love into your life.

14) Take out all the clutter


Arrange for a yard sale. Take out everything that you don’t need or use. More space provides you with all the more opportunities. Remember, you can’t fill a cup that is already full.

15) Add that funny touch to your bedroom


Once your bedroom has that neat and sterile feel, just add a touch of fun to it. Add anything which makes you smile and feel good. It may be an artwork or a picture of a laughing couple. This helps in improving relationships.

16) Avoid using water-symbols


Make sure that you don’t use water symbols like imagery above the level of your head. Stagnant water is a big no-no and should be addressed immediately. Images having water scenes should always be placed at a level below your head.

17) Avoid symbols that portray negativity


Criss-cross swords and guns bring in negative vibes. Avoid using such negative symbolisms. Opt for a soothing and pleasing artwork instead. This will bring in positive energy to your life.

18) Don’t over accessorise your rooms


Don’t go overboard with accessorising your homes. Feng shui is all about decorating your homes in way that maximises the flow of positive energy. Don’t overdo it as it may make your room cluttered and disorganised.

19) Use the things that you love


The flow of positive energy is more when you are surrounded by things that you love. Make sure that all your images, artworks and furniture are in sync with you. Bring in things that you love and do away with those that you don’t. This gives your house a relaxed feel.

20) Use wind chimes


According to feng shui, its good to place wind chimes around the house so that they constantly spread a sweet music in the air. This brings a lot of positivity and harmony into your life.

21) Avoid edgy furniture

Wicker Chair In Use Wolfley39s pertaining to Round Furniture - Homefurs

Go for round edged and curvy furniture and do away with those that have sharp edges. Sharp edges can be fatal and replacing them works towards the harmony and well-being of the house, especially if you have kids.

22) Strike the correct balance of materials


A flowing space is a great way to bring in positive vibes. This, coupled with the correct balance between materials will ensure that your house is filled with positive energy. Allow a mix of earth, water, wind, fire and metal in your rooms. This will attract positivity in your life.

23) Use good luck charms and statues


It’s not necessary that you need to use the Buddha statue in order to attract positive energy. Just pick up anything that uplifts your mood and inspires you. It could be anything from your own culture as well. Just make sure that it relaxes you.

24) Light your rooms properly


Lighting is one of the most important things that you need to focus on. Darkness brings in bad ch’i. Proper adequate lighting is required to eliminate darkness from every corner of the house. Natural lighting works wonders in channelling positive energy.

25) Choose colours that you love


Red is an auspicious colour and brings in wealth. However, you don’t need to forcefully accept this fact and paint your door red. This will only attract bad ch’i. The idea is to go for colours that you like to be surrounded with. This will ensure a constant flow of positive energy.

As you can see, there is nothing very magical about feng shui. The basic underlying point is to keep your mind and soul calm and composed. The only source of positive energy is positivity of the mind. Feng shui aims at instilling this positivity into you through the design of your rooms.

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