15 Facts that Prove Laughter is the Best Medicine Ever


Since laughing makes you feel gleeful, it is indeed very apt to quote the adage “Laughter Is The Best Medicine Ever”! Laughter is actually recommended by every doctor!

Are you wondering what is the most easiest yet effective way of staying healthy both physically and psychologically? The easiest answer is laughter. Laughing silly but with it you can achieve longevity and health!

What actually is laughter? It is a part of the human behaviour that helps activate the human body’s relaxation response and provide an emotional touch to conversations. Also, it is used to signify that you are accepting people around you and that you are positive about them being there with you.

Laughter is the way you deal with the situations that hit your life really hard, and on the other hand, to enjoy something good happening. Laughing is like crying on some terms; it lets you release the toxins! Laughter is something which is actually celebrated on May 5 every year world-wide as World Laughter Day to promote peace in the world!

Now, let us have a look at the 15 reasons why Laughter is actually the best medicine ever:

1. Laughter brings you closer to your friends and family and helps you at work

Laughing actually makes you attractive in a way that anything can ever be able to. It elevates your mood. It has been found in a study that 69% people find smiling women much more attractive than those who are wearing make-up. It creates a positive vibe for people surrounding you and laughing can also stimulate romance and chemistry between people. Also, laughing can help us to heal resentments, misunderstandings and can also bring people together strengthening the bond in a relationship.

2. Laughter eases stress and anxiety

Laughing can bring a streak of happiness to a person who is going through a lot of stress and anxiety. It has been shown by some studies that laughter is capable of reducing stress generating hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and also brings up the level of with endorphins. It takes away your sadness and fear by releasing the serotonin hormone which lifts your mood.

3. Laughter can be a life-saver for depressed people

It is known that laughing can bring a sense of well being and thereby help those who are overwhelmingly depressed or having a hard time. Laughter helps to stimulate the production of serotonin which makes you feel relaxed and also creates more endorphins, which helps us to take things in a much more positive aspect than being pessimistic about our hardships.

Depression is a sign that the serotonin levels have become far too low than normal. So, anything that comes in your way that is rather unwelcoming, it can immediately make you feel sad, or even lonely. If you laugh out loud, it helps you to let go of those sad and repulsive feelings and makes you distant from your ordeal.

4. Laughter is a pain-reliever

Laughing is known to reduce pain. Many researchers have found out in their studies that laughter is a good technique to deal with pain. It has also been proven that when you watch comedy movies, it helps you deal with your pain in the best and gleeful way possible for you.

In 2011, Oxford University found in its study that you can cope up with 10% more of pain when you are having a good chortle after watching comedy films than before watching them. Laughter is the best medicine when it comes to dealing with pain and it increases threshold of your body to withstand pain.

5. Laughter helps boost your immune system

Laughter can actually boost your immune system. How? Researchers have found that laughter increases the number of anti-body producing T-cells and immunoglobulin. With this, it prevents you from getting colds and coughs. When under stress, your immune system gets suppressed which makes your body vulnerable to infections. Laughter has the capability to increase a type of WBCs that can attack cancer cells.

6. Laughing is a good way of working out internally

A study has shown that blood flow increases to 22% after watching something funny which is equivalent to 15 to 20 minutes of working out. It has been also found that mere smiling may require up to 53 muscles. Laughing can help you burn some calories, it increases the heart rate, thereby pushing the oxygen through the veins and to every part of the body and can even speed up your metabolism. It can also stimulate your body similar to exercising.

In fact, if you laugh 100 times or more, it may prove to be equivalent to 10 minutes on the rowing machine!

7. Laughing is beneficial for your heart

According to a study done by heart specialists, it was found that people who are going through heart complications are 40% less likely to laugh than the same age counterparts who are without any heart disease. It has been found that the way blood flows through your body when you laugh, it reduces the risk of heart diseases, thus protecting your heart.

8. Laughing helps reduce blood pressure and blood sugar level

Laughing lowers blood pressure and makes your breathing deeper and which ultimately helps to send the oxygen-rich blood and nutrients throughout your body. Laughing also helps to reduce the blood sugar levels by increasing glucose tolerance in both diabetic and non-diabetic people.

8. Laughing is magical for your lungs

Lying all the time like a couch potato is not ideal for your lungs. At this time, breathing becomes shallower and the inactivity caused by this pain reduces the lung capacity. Laughing helps us to empty our lungs which therefore creates a cleansing effect just like deep breathing does. It is really very helpful for people who are suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma.

At times when you are laughing out loud, your respiratory system is stimulated and thus you take in more oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. This makes your breathing deeper, and therefore may even lead to increase your lung capacity.

Also, laughing is beneficial for respiratory conditions like emphysema as it helps to clear the mucus plug.

9. Laughter can make you look younger

Laughter is actually beneficial for your skin. When the blood flow, heart rate and pressure increases temporarily, the capillaries that are close to your skin dilate just the same way as when you exercise. It dilates the inner lining of blood vessels which is called endothelium, and thereby improves circulation.

10. Laughing helps you with your sleep

If you have a good chortle before you sleep, it helps you to have a peaceful sleep, even if you are having sleeping problems.If you laugh for even 10 minutes every day, you can end up getting a sound sleep even if you are suffering from acute pain.

11. Laughing boosts your memory

Laughter helps to lower cortisol, which is a stress-releasing hormone and hinders your memory and learning skills. Since laughing is equivalent to happiness, it reduces your stress and anxiety and thus helps you in remembering things better. You may have noticed that whenever you are in stress, you start forgetting things, misplacing things. Thus, laughter boosts your memory and again proves to be the best medicine ever.

12. Laughter helps in strengthening resilience

Resilience is the ability to have the strength to cope up in difficult and bizarre situations. Sometimes, you face failure in your life. You face hardships and feel like you are never going to stand up again.
However, when you have the strength to face it, you can always come out of the darkest period of your lifetime. This ability of acknowledging the fact that you made a mistake and stand up to make it change, it can help you to succeed in your life.

13. Laughing increases life expectancy

It has been revealed in a study that those people who are optimistic and jolly, those who expect that good times always stand on your door no matter how many hardships you may have faced in your life, are less likely to die than pessimistic people. In fact, in a research published in Archives of General Psychiatry, it was found that optimistic 65-85 year-old people are 55% less likely to die than people who have been pessimistic all their lives.

14. People who laugh and make others laugh is everyone’s favourite

You must have noticed a crowd to people near a person who is cheerful, jolly and is capable of making everybody laugh who is around him/her. Such people are indeed everyone’s favourite. If you connect with these people, you feel elevated from all your fears and anxiety and you feel more lively.

15. Laughing helps you to become happier

Laughing can help you be resilient, it reduces your stress levels, makes you come out of your anxiety and stress, benefits your health, and even helps reduce anger. The benefits of laughing are endless, and most times it just makes you happy.


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