Ultimate Collection of Funny Resignation Letters on the Internet

Epic ways to tell your boss, “I QUIT”

How often have you felt the need to scream out in frustration or tear your hair out just because you couldn’t bring yourself to write that resignation letter? But then there are those fearless souls amongst us who have tread those dangerous waters and whose bosses had a hard time deciphering the letters in just one read. Here are a few examples of the best resignation letters ever — hilarious, unconventional and rude.

PS: Don’t try this at your workplace! (Unless of course, your boss has a sense of humour)


1) When you just want to try the ‘being forthright honest route’


 2) Or make it real short, yet precise


 3) You want to make sure your boss understands what your next job is going to be


 4) Well! You just want to let out your pent up frustration 4

 5) Just for fun, why not use crayons?


 6) Or blend a comic strip with a philosophical twist 6

7) Or you just want to tell your boss you are finally in touch with your inner child


8) You could use a bodily function to let your boss know your intent. After all its “natural”!


 9) Or let your boss know the importance of arriving at work on time


 10) Or just be dramatic and write it on your body.


11) You could just paint a graphic picture with words


 12) Or be…well… crass and downright rude


 13) Short, sweet, to the point and no explanation 13

 14) Be the knight in shining armour


 15) When you just can’t postpone your dream of being a pirate anymore.


 16) Go the acapella way

17) Let the world know you just don’t care


 18) Or get a marching band to help you out

19) There is something irresistible about cupcakes


20) Go eco-friendly with a marker and whiteboard

21) Gift a fabulous framed photo to your boss


 22) Or use your creativity and go the Star Wars way

23) Use your poetic skill on twitter – Why not? You are the CEO after all. 23

24) Sarcasm works too


 25) When your boss is a heartless jerk


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