13 Types of Annoying Guys You’ll Find at Parties. How Many Have You Spotted?

Some people love parties a little bit more than others. Having been to quite a few parties myself, I couldn’t help notice some familiar characters everywhere. Their faces change, their outfits change, but their mannerisms are always

You’ll understand and appreciate this post only if you have a keen sense of observation.

1) The Loner


He might have come alone or in a group, but he’ll always be looking lost and alone. The loner usually occupies some corner and will not mingle with anyone throughout the entire night.

2) The Creepy Guy


This one just gives you the creeps. Always observing people, and if his eyes meet yours, that’s it! He’s gonna keep watching you till you’re creeped out!

3) The Party Animal


Like the name suggests, a party is where this animal belongs. Even if he’s had 20 shots, he’ll be still be full of energy and partying like there’s no tomorrow.

4) The Flirt


This guy is only here to hit on women. He’s least bothered about what music is playing, what drinks are available, if there’s a good looking woman, he’ll be around trying to get her number.

5) The White Dude


In most Indian parties there’ll be one white dude who looks out of place. He might have been invited by his Indian friends or colleagues, but he really stands out!

6) Dudes with the white dude to look cool


Sticking next to the “white dude” will be few guys who are around him just to look cool. They might not even know the white dude, but they’ll be there—looking cool and casual.

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