50 Road Signs that Are Just Too Damn Funny! Which is Your Favourite?

So, how often do you really pay attention to road signs? We bet you’ve missed some hilarious ones and sometimes, perhaps, screeched to a stop because a road sign was just too damn funny.

If you are a traveller and an observant one at that, you’re sure to have come across some peculiar road signs. Some sings are designed to grab your attention while others are unintentionally funny. Call it creativity or lack of understanding hidden puns, these funny road signs are sure to make you laugh out loud or at least take a second look. Check out our list of 50 road signs that are just too damn funny – brought to you from different parts of the world.

1) At last, someone who understands why horns are needed in cars!


2) Perfectly located in the hills – this one’s sure to drive sleep away


3) Giant insects who abduct humans!


4) Specially targeting those who love their rum!


5) Literally, the dead end! Very apt indeed.


6) And we thought one could rise from the dead and have a second life


7) When you run out of options


8) How small are the traffic lanes here? And how fast do cars move on this road?


9) Like we’re gonna take our cars into the water?


10) Confused much?


11) And you thought it was God!


12) When your FB status is more important than your life


13) Beware when the Kangaroo skis


14) When your dog can also read


15) Fair warning


16) Because you live only once!


17) That’s a shitty sign


18) When Accident welcomes you


19) If you’re planning to pluck trees, this is not the place for you


20) Want to see your child performing?


21) Not to be taken literally!


22) How romantic!


23) Well, that escalated quickly!


24) Apologies for all the inappropriate sounds


25) Zombies are real, people…


26) Because senior citizens need to be clean too!


27) When the sign knows how you feel inside


28) The place to die slowly


29) There’s not much to say here…


30) When you have been cheated of dessert


31) Because cockroaches lives matter!


32) When life gives you coconuts…


33) You have been warned


34) Poor cops


35) Vegetarians, beware!


36) Devil at work


37) The road better not taken


38) Some sadistic humour on the way to work


39) Apologies accepted!


40) When life hands you lemons, turn them into melons


41) Pick your option


42) Animal diets matter


43) What do I do?


44) Where animals roam free


45) Want to escape getting a ticket?


46) Love your kids on your own time, not on the road


47) Let the drunken people cross



48) Oh! The dilemma!


49) Dinosaurs???


50) Don’t roll downhill or you’ll land in the jaws of a crocodile


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