11 Ingenious Ways 90s Kids Used to Cheat In Their Exams. No.8 Required Nerves of Steel & Some Real Guts!

90s was a fun time to grow up. No internet, no technology but still plenty of fun things to do. Kids, irrespective of whether in school or college have been cheating ever since the concept of exams came about. For some kids cheating was a matter of survival, for some, it was just for the sake of proving that it could be done even under the strictest of supervision.

Let’s have a look at ingenious ways 90s kids used to cheat in their exams. If you were one of the good one’s in school, then most of these wont ring a bell. But for “cheaters”, here’s a trip back in memory lane. If you used any other method, make sure to let us know in the comments section.

1. Cheat Sheets or Bits


The nightmare of every exam supervisor, the bits. Bits were essentially small little pieces of paper in which cheaters used to write important information such as formulae, which can be easily concealed. Bits were difficult to find and there were expert cheaters who would write bits so small, nobody could read it except themselves. Some even took it to the next level by taking reduced sized Xerox copies and then carrying it to the hall.

2. Eraser


Doesn’t seem like much, but in the hands of expert cheaters, erasers can be a great cheat weapon. Erasers were usually used to write down answers to objective type questions and pass around. Some cheaters even used the covers of erasers to write down formulae.

3. Logarithm Book


For maths exams, 90s kids were usually allowed to bring in their log books for referring formulae. Reputed cheaters often used this log book to have additional notes and some anticipating checks even went to the task of creating impressions on the back which only they could read—ingenious!

4. The Desk


When you are cheating, you make use of every available resource—this includes the desk. Some cheaters back in the day were used to coming in early to the exam hall and write down important stuff on the desk or on the sides of the desk for cheating. Doesn’t work if you are not allowed into the hall before exams which was rare.

5. The Writing Pad


Most 90s kids had an exam writing pad that was used to clip paper and write. And in most cases, cheaters would write stuff on the pad with pencil so that they could use the information and then rub it off at will.

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