Elderly Couple Claim Actor Dhanush is Their Biological Son, Produces Proof & Seeks Maintenance!

Three-time national award winner actor Dhanush has landed in a legal tangle with an elderly couple from Madurai. The case has been filed by Kathiresan(60) and Meenakshi(55), claiming Dhanush is their biological son and he has failed to provide financial support these many years.

Source The New Indian Express

The Kolaveri Di singer has now been summoned by the court to appear before it on January 12 next year. As per reports, the couple has stated that they had named him Kalaiselvan and enrolled him in a school in Melur. However, he dropped out and moved to Chennai and changed his name to Dhanush Raja to pursue a career in showbiz.

Madurai Couple, Source The New Indian Express

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