25 Awesome Will Smith Movies to Binge-Watch this Weekend

He has wooed you with his rapping skills and has already been a chart-topping rapper. If you’re a 90’s kid, you’d probably remember him as Pinocchio from the TV series Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child which aired on HBO. And then he swept through the box office like a tornado and gave blockbusters, one after the other. No prize though for guessing his name, he is the one and only Will Smith.

With his latest release scheduled for December 2016, this is the perfect time to throw light on a list of best films from his filmography that you could binge-watch over the weekend!

1) Independence Day


A film on aliens is never a bad watch, and certainly not when it has Will Smith punching an alien in the face while welcoming it to earth! Will Smith dons the role of an air force Captain Steven “Steve” Hiller in this sci-fi flick, and takes you on a journey of redeeming earth from the aliens’ possession.

2) Six Degrees of Separation


A young black man, obviously Will Smith, appears to be vastly intelligent and charming to an affluent couple from New York right until the twist at the end. Six Degrees of Separation has Will Smith portray his versatility through his character Paul and makes for a great watch.

3) Ali


Playing the role of the greatest boxer that ever was, Will Smith slipped into Muhammad Ali’s character with ease. Portraying the same swagger, Smith makes us sit and revisit the legend’s career and controversies.

4) Men in Black


Will Smith was bang on with his quippy self in this 1997 release! Smith plays an officer in an organization that keeps humanity unaware of the fact that extra-terrestrial beings do visit the earth. Will Smith’s Agent J, with his casual, cool and quippy style will leave you in splits in this sci-fi comedy!

5) Men in Black 2


Taking the role of Agent J forward in the second film of the trilogy, Will Smith delivers yet another powerful yet rib-tickling performance in MIB 2. This time, he races against time to save the world from an alien seductress! A fun movie to watch during the weekend.

6) Men in Black 3


With the third and final instalment of the MIB series, this film gives us Will Smith as Agent J ten years after MIB 2. The same fun, but different aliens, this film offers us Smith in his much-loved avatar. Reason enough to put in the MIB 3 DVD into the player, eh?

7) The Pursuit of Happyness


Will Smith makes you reach out for your hankies and tissues with his portrayal of a homeless man struggling to make ends meet, and his relationship with his son. Based on the real story of Chris Gardner, Will plays the role with such subtlety and versatility that this film never gets old, even if you watch it on loop.

8) I, Robot


Set in 2035, Will Smith slips into the shoes of a technophobic cop who finds out that a robot has carried out a crime, and has become a threat to mankind on the whole. We all love sci-fi flicks, and the ones with Smith in them prove to be the cherry on the cake.

9) Seven Pounds


In this 2008 release, Will Smith plays the role of a man who is haunted by a fateful secret. Ben Thomas, played by Will Smith, sets out to change the lives of seven strangers completely as an act of redemption. Certainly one of the better movies that you can catch while at a break.

10) Enemy of the State


We all love watching Will Smith in his usual quippy role. In this thriller, though, Smith plays the role of a lawyer who finds himself being targeted by the NSA after a politically instigating video tape comes into his possession accidentally. What happens next is an entertaining watch.

11) Hancock


Will Smith becomes a superhero with a twist in this action-comedy. Ill-tempered and ill-mannered, Hancock is always hurting the millions while trying to save the few. That goes on till a man he saves, moulds him into the best version of himself.

12) Bad Boys


Will Smith plays the role of ladies’ man Mike Lowry in this 1995 release. Quite an entertaining and pulsating watch, this story revolves around two detectives who need to find heroin worth $100 million before being shut down by Internal Affairs.

13) Hitch


Will Smith is a rage in this film, donning the role of a “date doctor” who doesn’t quite get hold of the lady he loves, although he helps his friend woo the lady he wants! A hilarious watch, to say the least, Hitch brings out the great comic timing that Smith possesses.

14) Wild Wild West


Will Smith has always been a great action hero, wielding guns and weapons with such panache. Smith’s gun-master James West along with master of disguise Artemus Gordon must stop Dr. Arliss Loveless from assassinating President U.S. Grant in this entertaining weekend watch.

15) Where the Day Takes You


In this film about a group of teenagers who try to survive on the Los Angeles streets, Will Smith plays the role of the paralytic Manny. Though these kids have to face difficulties and hardships like prostitution, drugs, and violence, still they would not go back to their families. This film will make you cringe in your seats, and Smith delivers a superlative performance in this.

16) Bad Boys II


The same old cops of Bad Boy investigate Ecstasy’s flow into Florida. The same chemistry and the same humour make for yet another interesting watch.

17) Focus


Will Smith gets into the shoes of veteran con man Nicky, who lies and cheats to make a living. While executing a scheme, he is confronted by his past love interest. Everything goes topsy-turvy from here on, and all his plans are thrown wayward. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show.

18) The Legend of Bagger Vance


You absolutely cannot miss a film in which Will Smith and Matt Damon work together. As the mysterious Bagger Vance, Will Smith teaches Matt Damon’s disillusioned Captain Rannulph Junah the authentic golf stroke, and in the process also teaches him the meaning of life. Sit back on your couch and let this film soak you in its flavour.

19) After Earth


A great sci-fi thriller to watch during the weekend, After Earth takes us a millennium into the future, where humanity had escaped earth due to certain events. Will Smith and Jaden Smith play their original relationship, and the film traces how Jaden helps his injured father after they crash on earth.

20) Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues


Anchorman 2 revolves around the journey of a reporter through the various ups and downs of his professional as well as personal life. Though Will Smith made a cameo in the film as an ESPN reporter, still that much of him is enough to bring a smile to your face.

21) Winter’s Tale


Now this is an interesting one. Will Smith does a cameo here too, but this one leaves a long lasting impression. Will Smith as Lucifer, or Satan, just mesmerises us in no time, and chances are that his scene with the demon Pearly will linger with you long after the film is over.

22) Jersey Girl


In 2004 comedy drama, Will Smith appears in a cameo as himself. Will Smith gets trashed by a very powerful media publicist played by Ben Affleck. Though the role is very short, but Will Smith being himself is great fun to watch.

23) Concussion


Will Smith plays the role of the real Dr. Bennet Omalu in this film- an American immigrant who was also the one who discovered CTE, or chronic concussions in American football players. Dr. Omalu found out the truth behind the CTE and fought for the same to be known by everyone. Will Smith delivered yet another masterpiece here.

24) Suicide Squad


Will Smith plays Deadshot in the recently released Suicide Squad. He is a member of a gang of supervillains who is called upon by the government to unite and fight against a mysterious entity. Though the film might be too dark, watching it might actually be a lot of fun.

25) Collateral Beauty


Slated to be released in December 2016, Collateral Beauty stars Will Smith as Howard Inlet. Howard is a New York ad man, and his life suddenly falls into depression and tragedy. It is then that he meets three mysterious people who make him forget his past. You would definitely want to get hold of this film once the DVD hits the shelf.

Will Smith is a rare talent and is one of the very few stars who can actually make you smile just by his screen presence. And with all his films given in the list above, you have absolutely no reason to get bored this weekend, or the next!

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