10 Movies that Accurately Predicted the Future. No.6 Predicted Demonetization in India!

Movies are usually works of fiction, but in the past, there have been some phenomenal movies that accurately predicted the future with astonishing levels of detail. What’s more interesting is these movies were made many years back when the actual events really took place.

Let’s look at 10 movies that accurately predicted the future. No.6 Predicted demonetization in India!

1. The Cable Guy – Multiplayer Games & Internet


The 1996 movie starring Jim Carrey was not given very good reviews at the time of releasing, but looking back, this movie did predict some things from the future with amazing accuracy. The movie talks about how every American home will have TV, phone and computer together. The movie even claims some day you will place Mortal Kombat with someone in Vietnam, much before actual multiplayer games made their way into mainstream.

2. Minority Report – Personalized Advertising


Minority Report was one of those movies that looked too sci-fi when it came out in 2002. The movie accurately showed personalized digital advertising which changed as per the person who was walking by. Online advertisers are already using FaceBook and other data points to show relevant ads, and may be in the future even outdoor advertising will become personalized.

3. The Truman Show – Reality TV


The Truman Show was a American satirical comedy-drama film starring Jim Carrey. Before today’s reality shows such as Big Brother or Big Boss became popular the movie showed how the world was obsessed with watching a man go through his ordinary life.

4. Total Recall – Self Driving Cars & Airport Scanners


Total Recall is a 1990 American science fiction action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie made lot of future predictions, many of which did not become reality. But there were couple of things the movie correctly predicted. First, full body airport scanners and then, self-driving cars. Airport scanners are already a reality and all major automobile manufacturers are presently testing self driving cars and we might see some of them hit the roads real soon.

5. Her – Intelligent Assistants


‘Her’ is a movie that narrates the story of how a man falls in love with his computer. Although many movies before Her was developed around this theme, this was the first movie to show an intelligent personal assistant like Apple’s Siri. In the movie, the assistant was named Samantha an it was capable of learning from past interactions and able to converse with humans in an intelligent manner.

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