25 Mistakes in Harry Potter Movies You Probably Missed

Don’t we all wish to attend school at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Oh, what fun it would be. The closest we can get to it is to immerse ourselves in the wonderful movies that bring the dream world to life! As millions of fans out there go crazy about discovering Platform Nine and Three-Quarters at the King’s Cross station, we also know that even the greatest of all movies is bound to have a few mistakes.

Have you spotted these mistakes?

The novel makes for an interesting and engrossing read, while the movies take it up a few notches and place us right in the middle of Harry Potter’s world through the sheer brilliance of CGI effects. Even though novel-loyalists don’t spare a chance to insult the film adaptations, the spellbinding watch has seldom left fans with much to criticise. However, there have been instances of just plain stupid errors in the movie that you may have missed. And quite obviously, you missed it simply because you were caught up in its sheer visual brilliance.

You can find out all the mistakes in the movies through this video.

Check out our list of 25 such mistakes in the Harry Potter movies that you probably missed.


1) Book title changes between shots


Harry’s book named “One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi” suddenly changes its title to “One Hundred Magical Herbs and Fungi” later!

2) Four names called out instead of three


During the scene where the little wizards were being assigned to different houses, it was shown that only three were left to be assigned. Professor McGonagall calls out four names though.

3) Visible wires through which the candles were suspended


In the scene following the one in which Quirrell announces the presence of a troll in the dungeon, the wires that were used to suspend the candles mid-air are clearly visible.

4) Ron’s hair changes from centre-parted to side-parted between shots


While Harry and Ron were on the train, Ron was shown to have centre-parted hair initially. Later, the parting shifted towards his right.


5) Visible cameraman among the actors


During the scene where Snape helps Malfoy onto his feet, a cameraman is visible, kneeling among the little wizards towards the far left.

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