30 Movies Banned by Indian Censor Board but Still Worth Watching. How Many Have You Watched?

From Kamasutra: A tale of love, Bandit Queen and Water to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Urf Professor and Paanch, the number of films banned by the “Indian censor board” is many. The Censor Board cites specific reasons for their moral policing, claiming sexually explicit content, vulgar language, content that hurts the sentiments of a community or that a movie is controversial. In some cases, the policing may be justified but most of the time it’s just plain ridiculous.

The Indian audience has missed out on watching some amazing movies on the big screen due to the prudish attitude of the Central Board of Film Certification (CFBC) aka the Censor Board. Here is a list of Bollywood and Hollywood movies that never made its way to Indian cinemas but are definitely worth a watch. Some of them were banned while others were released after many cuts.

1) The Pink Mirror (2003)


This 2003 release was a little ahead of its time and explored the sensitive but socially relevant topics of transsexuality and gender issues. This movie directed by Sridhar Rangayan focuses on two transsexuals and a gay teenager trying to seduce a straight man. Vulgarity and homosexuality content put this film on the banned list. Regardless, film festivals world over simply loved it.

2) Bandit Queen (1994)

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Based on the life of the famous dacoit – Phoolan Devi, this Shekar Kapur movie got banned as it depicts scenes of rape, nudity and sexual humiliation in addition to containing abusive language.

3) Unfreedom (2015)


Raj Amit Kumar’s directorial debut is based on 2 stories – one set in New York where a Muslim scholar is kidnapped and tortured by a terrorist and extremist and another in New Delhi where a lesbian kidnaps her bisexual lover. The graphic lovemaking scenes and violence resulted in this film getting banned.

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