20 Most Adorable Dog Breeds You Should Consider Owning

Here’s a universal truth for you, folks – dogs are God’s gift to man. Even though we’re thoroughly undeserving of these adorable creatures, they never fail to make us laugh, shower us with unconditional love and make our lives so much more beautiful just by being their goofy selves. While this holds true for all dogs no matter what breed, there are some breeds that are undisputed experts when it comes to being bona fide adorable. Get ready for some serious cuteness overload as you read about our picks for 20 most adorable dog breeds.

Get ready to be overwhelmed by their cuteness by watching this video.

1) Beagles


With their gorgeous floppy ears and mischievous eyes, every square inch of this lovable breed is packed with boundless energy. Make sure you’re ready to chase them around because they love to play and are extremely active. Beagles are also very affectionate and even tempered, which make them the perfect companions for kids.

2) Pugs


Their cute and distinctive wrinkles make Pugs so hard to resist! Did you know that they’re often referred to as the clowns of the dog world because they have a great sense of humour and like to show off? As the perfect lap dog, the pug thrives on human companionship and makes a great house pet for families with children because they are playful, docile, clever and sociable.

3) Yorkies


You may not be able to tell the difference between a stuffed toy and this adorable dog breed — we guess that’s what makes them so lovable. But don’t be fooled by their size — they’re known to be feisty, courageous, intelligent, independent and fiercely possessive. If you have a small apartment, this little yapper could be the ideal dog for you.

4) Indies


If you’re looking for the ultimate in adorable, in both the looks and personality departments, no breed even comes close to Indies! They’re resilient, loyal, resourceful, intelligent and big-hearted and will love you unconditionally till the end of time. With an Indie, you’re sure to have a faithful companion for life.

5) Corgis


Not a very common breed on this side of the world but you might know them to be the preferred dog breed of the Queen of England! With a face that’s got a permanent smile plastered on it, who wouldn’t find this bundle of fluff adorable beyond words? And don’t even get us started on Corgi puppies. With an outgoing, playful, tenacious and friendly personality, you couldn’t ask for a better buddy.

6) Mixed breeds


Nothing says adorable like a quirky mixed breed pooch. These fur balls tend to have unique personalities all their own and are never short on energy, charm and loyalty. Dogs, being one of the most diverse species on the planet, have given us some gorgeous mixed breeds like Pitskys, Dorgis, Labskys and Yorkipoos!

7) Boston Terriers


This popular American breed makes a lively, friendly and intelligent companion for those who cannot maintain bigger dogs. Originally bred to be fighting dogs, they are now one of the most affectionate breeds that get along very well with other dogs too. The dapper tuxedo markings on their coats have earned them the nickname American Gentleman! *Aww*

8) Westies


Another pup that looks exactly like a stuffed toy you’d want to squish! The West Highland White Terrier is a Scottish breed of dog commonly known as the Westie and is identifiable because of its distinctive white coat. These little cuties are alert, friendly, courageous, hardy, active and independent and without a doubt one of the most adorable dog breeds ever. Tell us you can resist that face, we dare you!

9) Labradors


No list of adorable dog breeds would be complete without Labradors — they literally are labradorable! As the most popular dog breed in the world for decades, these lovable canines are known for their outgoing, gentle, kind, intelligent and trusting nature. They’re great family dogs and grow very attached to humans in no time.

10) Golden Retrievers


Following close behind the Labradors are Golden Retrievers. This beautiful dog’s intelligent, highly tolerant and gentle nature makes it an ideal working dog as well as a therapy dog. Much like Labradors, they are great with kids, which make them a popular choice for many families. They also give us some of the cutest puppies on the planet!

11) Bulldogs


Despite their serious faces and perpetual upside down smile, there’s something adorably endearing about these dogs. Not to mention they are docile, friendly, wilful and gregarious and love to be around kids. Because of their heavier set physical frames, they’re not too active and prefer a brief walk followed by a nap on the couch!

12) Bichon Frises


Rightly assigned to the ‘toy dog’ category, this cheerful and pleasant little house dog loves games, lap snuggles and enjoys getting along with other pets. Bichon Frises, despite being fluffy and adorable pups, grow up to be alert watchdogs. As an added plus they are also gentle, cheerful, affectionate, sensitive and highly devoted to their masters.

13) Dachshunds


More popularly known as ‘wiener’ dogs, these lively, playful, clever and courageous little hound-type dogs enjoy walks and snuggling under your blanket — so get ready to share your bed! They can also be stubborn and possessive but are totally devoted to their masters. Dachshunds make excellent house dogs and though small in stature, they are proud little pups who are watchful and alert when it comes to guarding their home against intruders.

14) Collies


Remember the movie Lassie? The elegant and affectionate Collie shot to fame when this film came out. Best suited to cold weather areas, the Collie’s gorgeous long-haired coat will make you want to bury your face in it! Known to be protective, gentle, loyal, friendly, active and intelligent dogs, they also have the amazing ability to sense their owner’s needs. Because of their sensitive nature, they respond well to patience, kindness and peaceful environs.

15) German Shepherds


Among the most protective, loyal and fiercely committed dog breeds is the German Shepherd. This majestic animal’s noble spirit and high intelligence make it the perfect working dog as well as an excellent family companion. They are watchful, alert, curious, obedient and courageous and will always have your back. While most people know them to be ferocious guard dogs, they are softies for their humans and even adorable goofballs when the mood strikes!

16) Jack Russell Terrier


Who could forget Milo from the movie “The Mask”? Incredibly smart, lithe, alert and adorable to boot, he was the pet dog we all wished we had. This high-energy little package is vocal, athletic and fearless. If you’re looking to own a JRT, make sure you can keep up because a sedentary lifestyle is not for this breed; this pup needs constant engagement to satisfy its intense, energetic and determined nature.

17) Siberian Husky


Huskies are some of the most beautiful dogs in the canine kingdom with their piercing eyes and stunning colouring. You might have seen them often used for pulling sleds in harsh winter conditions, which indicate that they are athletic, sturdy, resilient and hardworking animals. If you’re an outdoors person living in cool climate areas, this outgoing, alert, gentle, friendly and intelligent beauty will make an ideal companion.

18) Dalmatians


Most of us remember the movie 101 Dalmatians as kids — a time when we were trying to convince our parents to get ONE dog while some people had that plus a hundred more! Dependable, dignified, playful and high-spirited, these dogs love to exercise and spend time with their owners. If you’re looking for an outgoing, friendly, intelligent and sensitive pooch, this spotted cutie could be the dog for you.

19) Boxers


Don’t be belied by their ‘serious’ faces. Boxers have an off-the-charts adorable personality. They can easily make you laugh with their antics and goofiness. Apart from being devoted, cheerful, fearless and intelligent, they are also quite territorial and make excellent watchdogs. These lovable canines are also steadfast and reliable, making them great family pets.

20) Scottish Terriers


Like most small dogs, one cannot be too quick to judge the ‘Scottie’ based on its adorable looks and size! A Scottish Terrier looks like a toy off the shelf but this breed is packed with playfulness and high energy as pups who evolve into more dignified adults. Feisty, alert, self-assured, quick and independent, the Scottie tends to be a one-person dog and is fiercely loyal to its owner.

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